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11th-Jan-2012 01:56 amThis is a title
I require postal addresses for plink_chan, pointytilly and rantinan. Comments screened if you wish to make your submission directly!
24th-Jul-2011 03:01 pm - A very shameless plea
People of the interwebs, I need your help!

A NZ based computer hardware retailer is having a contest wherein one can a water cooling setup. Now honestly, I don't need a water cooling setup but hey, given the chance to get one I'll take that chance. The general idea is that you post a photo of your "inadequate" setup to their facebook page and then get as many likes as you can.


^ is my entry. The current leader only has around 294 likes which considering the internet, is pretty small. The contest closes on the 12/8 (local time!) so there's still a couple of weeks to go! Please like if you have a FB account and then please spread the word and encourage people to Like!

I really would like to win so you can consider this as me getting down on my knees to ask you.
So, my PC parts arrived and I managed to assemble it without issue (I think) except I overlooked the motherboard a little and so it turns out the integrated graphics of the CPU isn't actually supported by the mobo. Poop. Thankfully the awesome pikazoom responded to my call for help super quick and has actually been a downright saint in assisting me get a graphics card. Hopefully that will be here soon so I can get the rig running~ Huge thanks also to illidanstr for putting up with my incessant babbling and endeavouring to get me the best deal possible (even though I didn't always listen to him, ingrate that I am!). You're a bro and I can't thank you enough for pointing me in the right direction.

For those interested, tech specs are:
CPU: Intel core i5 2500k (<-Billidan got one of these too and says he OCed it to 4.4GHz or so on the stock fan lol)
GPU: XFX Radeon HD6950 2GB (thanks again Mayu!)
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 4GB DD3 1600 (I actually ordered much cheaper 1333 RAM but got this instead, bonus?)
MOBO: Gigabyte P67X-UD3
Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB
PSU: Corsair HX750
Case: Lancool Dragonlord K62 (not sure why I fell in love with this case)
Keyboard & Mouse: Logitech MK520 (I was supposed to get the cheaper 320 but they told me it was out of stock when I called to yell what was up with my order and they gave me this instead)
Monitor: Viewsonic VA2448m LED 24" (I was wondering if this would be big enough, got it and was stunned)

My brother in law gave me his old sound system too, a Logitech X530. Not the best sound system out there it's 5.1 and it's free and it beats the shit out of anything else I've had. I kinda should get a new DVD drive at one point (My old caged one is IDE and my MONO only supports SATA) but it can wait for now. Will probably get some cheap webcam at some point as well for skype and stuff but otherwise this should be it for a while for PC part buying!

Testing out google plus. I... like it so far. Can't really explain why but after the mess FB has become it's rather pleasant thus far. Might just be me though.

I have been exercising again! Started roughly about the 15th of June at around 66.9kgs (approximately 147.5 pounds) and weighing myself the other day found myself at 68.8kgs (around 151.7 pounds). Woohoo! Now's the hard bit, keeping it up :|

Random photos under cut! Include crappy photos of my PC and some of my sister's silly puppy I watch every now and again.
Photos from the Craptacular Life of MeCollapse )

My earthquake-plagued course is coming to an end. Final test for Algebra 1 (this course is so easy I bet any one of you in my friends list could do it with aplomb) is this coming Friday (remember, it's already Friday for me as I post this) with a Biology assignment due in on Wednesday and then a Bio final a week after that.

Next time I'll write a bit about this awesome Japanese patiesserie I found and maybe more about my exercising and crap. Here's hoping I don't explode or something from the randomness (sheesh that was a long post).

EDIT: Anyone good with LJ layouts? With this new 1080p goodness (though I can't use the system I hooked the monitor up to my craptop) a lot of websites have this "Wasted space" off to the sides with the majority of the content sitting in the middle. Now most of the time I can't do crap about this but my own layout is an offender. Can anyone help?
EDITEDIT: Does anyone want a google plus invite?
Therefore, are you now officially an Ophiuchus and not a Sagittarius? Not really.

The CNN article explained that if people "adhered to the tropical zodiac - which, if they're a Westerner, they probably did – absolutely nothing has changed for them."

"That's because the tropical zodiac – which is fixed to seasons, and which Western astrology adheres to – differs from the sidereal zodiac – which is fixed to constellations and is followed more in the East, and is the type of zodiac to which the Star Tribune article ultimately refers," the CNN post said.

However, the fact that the sun isn't aligned anymore with the constellations at certain times of the year compared to millennia ago is "irrelevant for the tropical zodiac," which was codified for Western astrology by Ptolemy in the 2nd century, Jawer told CNN.

The article explained that in the tropical zodiac, the start of Aries is fixed to one equinox, and Libra the other.

"When we look at the astrology used in the Western world," Jawer told CNN, "the seasonally based astrology has not changed, was never oriented to the constellations, and stands as … has been stated for two millenniums."

"Astrology is geocentric. It relates life on Earth to the Earth’s environment, and seasons are the most dramatic effect, which is why we use the tropical zodiac," Jawer added.

If I see anyone calling themselves an Ophiuchus/Serpentaurius because of this recent tabloid-esque sensation I swear I will slap them.
8th-Nov-2010 02:40 pmThis is a title
Taken from mayumayumayumayu.

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13th-Oct-2010 09:45 pm - Kingdom Hearts: High School Days
Ahaha. Been playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep lately. Played through Terra's story, Ventus' story (I rushed this admittedly) and now I'm on Aqua's story. Out of the three, Aqua's the conserved, calm, level headed one. Of the three, she's also the only one to pass the Mark of Mastery exam (technically a spoiler but it happens in the first few minutes of the game proper once you skip the tutorials!). She's rather dainty/girly in her combat style (for their dodging manouvers, big manly Terra has a sliding dash, little punk kid Ventus has a dodge roll and Aqua has... a cartwheel), her first command style finisher is even a pirouette. Rather than direct combat, she's better at magic too (which makes starting with her a pain in the ass -_-;). Anyway, at the Colosseum, all three heroes meet up with Zack (of FF7 fame) somehow (generally, all three heroes visit the same worlds and meet the same people, just at different points in time which makes for a greater story you put together as you see it from different points of view) and Aqua is no different, participating in a tournament match and showing she's tougher than all the boys (she even shrugs off Zack's help when Hades comes at her with a giant ice colossus). Afterwards though? Well, it's possibly the funniest bit in all of BBS.

Ahahaha oh Aqua. At heart you're still just a shy girl aren't you? Herc's line really seals it for me. "Aqua? What's wrong? Your face is all red.". How she averts her gaze and avoids eye contact is funny too.
24th-Sep-2010 12:06 pm - HMM Emperor Saber!
IIRC, in the anime it actually had a specialised load-out rather than just the CP-02... ah well. After the Schwarz Tiger I don't really expect them to go that much more out of their way. I think I prefer the Great Sabre to this though.
I've talked about this before. Mabinogi usually has a contest where players can submit designs for equipment in game. Usually the contests are regional but there has been one "International" contest before... and now? The second ever Mabinogi International Costume Design Contest is on! And this time, it's open to users of the North America service!


Full details are in the link but just as something of a reference, be sure to check the link at the very beginning of the post for some previous contest winners and following are links to other contest winners:
Alkaleido's Starlight Robe
Cureless' Goggle Cap
Gamyu's Bat Dress
Jabu-shinseon's Imperial Robe (A personal favourite of mine, I still wear one of these as my main robe in game even though it's so dated!)
Kirinusjin's Half-plate Armor
Rough's Tioz Armor
Leminia's Holy Moon Sword (this guy actually won twice, once with armor and again with this!)
Ruyuefeixue's Butterfly Fan
And there are so many more winners!

Everyone gets a funky hat for winning and there are lots of categories to enter in. If you think it'd be fun to enter but don't have an account... sign-up is free or you could even ask me or something. There's a few people on my LJ buddy list that play and all.
10th-Sep-2010 02:43 am - So....
Ever since I've pointed out a photo of my family's old shop post-quake to a few people, I've been told that it's one of those photos that are all over the place, near iconic/representative of this quake that hit Christchurch. Judging by all the calls, texts and emails I've had from others that know of the shop as being ours (well, used to be) it would seem that it really is everywhere. I've had people come out of the woodwork, people I haven't heard from in a long time (partially my fault there) expressing concern and regret over the state of the building (which as I said before, has now been demolished).

Well uh, it's all okay people! Due to lease expiry issues we moved our business out of that building a few days before the quake struck and our new occupancy (is that the right term for it?) got out of the quake without any issues. We even had dishware up on high shelves and they didn't go off the shelf at all.
8th-Sep-2010 01:00 am - Aftermath
Seems that the damage whilst minimal (relatively) has had far reaching effects and will take a while to clean up. The local university got hit pretty hard, a friend of mine working on her master's thesis has had all productivity come to a dead halt (in her own words, "flatlining") because the science labs are a complete mess. Equipment is broken (machines, beakers and stuff) and she can't continue her experiments at this point in time. She's allowed back into the university but only with a lanyard which has her security clearance on it, the university is closed for damage assessment...

Over half a million books in the main library have been dislodged

The inner city was essentially shut down and whilst people have been allowed back inside, many streets are still closed and a curfew has been instated (and rigorously enforced so I hear) from 7pm to 7am. my family got incredibly well suffering no real damage at all. I said last time that many of my model kits went flying off the shelves but not a single one of them is broken! Not one! The neck of my Fuzors Seismo came off but upon closer inspection one of the polycaps came off and the neck just detached itself rather than have anything actually break. I also found one of my Deadborder's Gravity Cannons on the other side of the room. I'm really not sure how that happened but it's not broken, hurray.

This is making headlines everywhere though. The morning of the quake itself we got calls from people overseas (I personally got texts from a bunch of people) asking if we were okay. Even people in Asia got news causing my friends that have moved there to be extremely concerned (lots of FB status pleading for updates on people and how they're doing). Even youtube had Christchurch Earthquake related videos as the top viewed, top favourited and number one News & Politics Video. Wiki as well had it as the main news article (complete with pic) and it has a rather extensive article which can be viewed here. The funny thing about that article though? This picture. What's so significant about it? Well I've told some of you about my escapades at my family's fruit and veg business right? See the name of the shop next to the Daily Bagel? There you have my family's old fruit and veg shop. We very literally just moved out of it (lease expiry) a few days prior. I helped with the moving out (we stripped everything out of the building) over the course of a few days. The entire building is heavily damaged and was actually one of the first to be demolished (I think yesterday?). Mum said she saw it being demolished on the news and was a bit moved by it... It's funny for the owner though. He recently moved all the building tenants out (We were the last to leave?) and was saying how he wanted to renovate but didn't have the money. In his own words, "All I need now is a big fire.". Well, not quite a fire but he gets the place redone with minimal personal cost.

Life goes on but for people like me who are stuck between things it's gonna be a long waiting period. All main services are clogged (some people were made homeless by this) so nothing is gonna get done if not related to the earthquake for a long time. Thankfully though, minimal loss from this. Two people were seriously injured (some dude walked outside and got hit by a falling chimney, another by broken glass) and only one person died though that was from a heart attack (what with all the panic and shit). As the wiki article says, parallels are drawn between this earthquake and other similar, more devastating quakes. If it happened during the day things probably wouldn't have been quite so peachy so I guess we're all quite lucky.

On a completely unrelated note:
The subject started with talk of an "anti-teen" device which would emit a frequency high enough for annoying teens to hear but be inaudible to it's older users. One thing led to another and here we are! How high can you hear? I can only very just hear 17MHz. I perceive it as a "change" in the air around me and a slight ringing sensation in my ears accompanied by well, a kick in the brain really. I recall in my high school days I could hear up to around 20MHz. How high can you guys hear? Do you use headphones heavily? (I know some of us AKG fans are guitly of that XD) Do you have other constant loud noise sources in your life? Let me know! I'm interested to hear what people have to say~
4th-Sep-2010 12:08 pmThis is a title
Seeing as it made the international news and all, just letting folks know I'm alright. In fact, no reported deaths thus far. Damage was mainly limited to the inner city and large buildings. Power was knocked out for a few hours but has been restored. Water is okay.


A lot of my zoids and gundam kits went flying -_-; Gildragon, Deathsaurer and Ultrasaurus are perched on top of my TV and all went off. They seem okay, need to go see if Seismosaurus survived (...kinda ironic).
25th-Aug-2010 12:03 am - See userpic for mood
Quick primer! Generally, the gunpla kits come in various "grades" and scales. Starting with 1:144, moving up to 1:100 and then 1:60. In ascending order of build quality/detail, "High Grade" kits can be of all three scales (most commonly 1:144s), Master Grades are 1/100 and then the peerless Perfect Grades are 1:60.

So I've been in love with the Freedom design since it ever came out all those years ago. Been wanting a decent kit of it for a long time and the Full Burst Mode kit seemed like the pinnacle of the kits with all the bells and whistles. It's an MG which means it's about as good as it'll get and going so long without a proper "improvement" on kit quality, it looked like the best it was gonna be. So after much contemplation and balancing of funds (along with a handy sale at Hobbysearch), I caved and bought the Master Grade Strike Freedom Gundam Full Burst Mode kit (linked above).

It currently sits in my pile of kits to be built (currently 1/100 Astray Blue Frame Second L Clear Ver, MG Exia Ignition Mode, MG God Gundam and MG Strike Freedom) as I'm currently assembling the MG Hi-v. This is good and all but then when doing my "net rounds" today I saw this.

So I guess for now, it'll remain unbuilt even once all the others are assembled. Assembly is just the first step to see how things go together after all (need to decide on painting if I want to paint them, then paint if I decide to, then panel line/detail in general) so I'll have my hands full with the above even if panel lining is the only thing I do @_@ December release so as I said, I'll wait and see how the PG Strike Freedom turns out. If it's awesome, I'll probably scalp the MG Strike Freedom kit to go towards funding what will probably be a very expensive PG if the PG 00-Raiser (which I still want) is any indication.

Zeph: ima go with
Zeph: it happened cause you already got one xD
Me: Me too >_>

They had better go all out no-stop on this kit. I demand Wings of Light amongst other things for this kit! More electroplated goodness too!
24th-Aug-2010 03:37 pm - Eeny meeny miny-doh!
Me: I built a flipping huge gundam
Me: 1:48 scale
Me: 375mm tall
Me: Not sure which kit to tackle next though
Me: 1/100 Astray Blue Frame Second L (Clear ver), MG Exia, MG God Gundam, MG Hi-v or MG Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode?
Big Al: o_o
Big Al: HIV!
Big Al: XD
Me: Well
Me: At least you gave me an answer
Me: And it's actually the greek v
Me: So pronounced Hi-nu

Me: Hmm
Me: I think you picked the kit with the most parts
Big Al: Hah, I win!

Me: God dammit Al
Me: These runners are lettered
Me: Start at A
Me: And go up to R
Big Al: :D
Big Al: mwahahahahaha

Though, I think Strike Freedom has about the same parts, being that it's also an MG with lots of wing bits and has the same sized box (Mega Size RX-78 has the same size box is 1:48 compared to the 1:100 MGs). I think I'll leave that till last.
22nd-Aug-2010 09:27 pm - Hoooooooooome
I'm home! So good to be back. GG on the flight home though, total travel time from Lynden to Christchurch was something like 37 hours total. Yeesh. If you choose to fly anywhere, fly emirates if you can. They're aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome.

Using my old craptop after using computers which weren't crap..... I really need to replace this piece of crap -_-;

Still unpacking kinda. Need to clean my room. You should akk know by now what kind of a place my room is. It's difficult putting more stuff into it right now.

Took a photo of the stuff I got overseas (whether for myself or for others). I couldn't quite fit everything into one photo due to there being a crapton of stuff. Got most of it though~ Will upload that photo later. Along with all the other photos I need to upload.
16th-Aug-2010 10:49 pmThis is a title
Feels like it's been ages since I posted here.

Last time I posted I was in Seattle? Had just met with Zinou or something. Well, I finished off my time in Seattle by meeting up with my "cousin" who I'd just been with in LA and my other uncle and his newlywed wife. I hadn't seen my uncle in years so that was good. Hadn't ever met my new aunt before, she was awesome. Really kind.

We messed around a lot together. Had Taco Bell for the first time. Tried the Fire Sauce on my food. Agreed with my uncle when he said it tickled. However, even if it went down okay. It really didn't sit well in my stomach. Back in the car, whenever there was a bump or sudden movement, the food would slosh around inside my stomach and it felt like my insides were burning. Was only a one off occurrence though. Tried again at another point and even after slathering my food with the Fire Sauce I was fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

Um, I only just noticed the couple in the background. Ignore them!

But yeah, lots of fun to be had. For the next two nights my other uncle stayed, we had Korean style barbeque out on the lawn. We just threw out meat on and ate straight off the grill :3

Little Kayla is such a cheeky girl.

Despite the look on his face here, Jack really does like me lots. He was just a bit cranky.

BBQ was really good. Lots and lots and lots of meat. A bit of beer too~

After my other uncle left my cousin and I mostly bummed around and then headed back to Seattle so we could go our ways (him to LA, me to... wherever). While I was there, I met Bree! Gave her her present :3 Went to fly to Orlando to meet up with Zeph... except Jet Blue doesn't fly direct. Had to layover at JFK and there I found that a flight to Orlando had been cancelled... causing a backlog of 140+ irate passengers. Eventually though, found my way to Orlando, met with Zeph and then we flew to Chicago! We got there later than planned but it was all good. On trying to get to Grant Park for Lollapalooza though... we went the wrong way and ended up in the ghetto. That... I could have done without XD

We made our way to Grant Park though and awesomeness ensued. Green Day put on a decent enough show. Lots of hijinks and shenanigans. Lolla in general was really cool. Nice atmosphere and we had wristbands from our three day pass so we could walk in and out as we pleased. We had some Chicago Deep Dish Pizza in the heart of downtown, it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. We also found some diner and had some nice food there. Apparently, both are quite well known. X-Japan put on a fantastic show and for a "day" performance drew a massive crowd (it was amusing to see the huge influx of Japanese people in the crowd) and were simply just awesome.

Getting back home was also a bit of a hassle and ended with me sleeping in O'Hare International Airport... I'd rather not ever have to do that again o_x Still, got home okay and headed back to Lynden. Messed around some and now here I am (after spending some more time in Seattle and caving again to buy the Reborns Gundam and Armoured Core Mirage C01 Gaea). It's Fair Week apparently and my uncle's father in law turns his property into a parking area for the fair ($5 for the day). The entire family helps out and I went along. Waved flags all day, exchanged money and directed people for parking. It actually wasn't that bad aside from the sun and the one lady who thought she'd try and pool the wool over my eyes. You can go to hell lady.

Still, there's just an underlying feeling of fatigue about this whole trip, travelling constantly is really starting to wear me down. I'm also kinda out of money (I have like, $20 left) though my work for helping park cars apparently gets me money for the fair. They have chocolate covered bacon so I guess that's alright. Anyway, long story.... not as long, I'm heading home on Thursday local time. Due to time travel magic and lengthy travelling time, I get home at Home Time, Saturday!
25th-Jul-2010 01:09 am - Rawr
Went to see Grand Canyon. Went to see Calico. Went to see Bryce Canyon. Guide insisted that the Navajo Trail couldn't be done in less than an hour, I did it in 40 minutes and that's with stopping to take photos. Feet failed to function properly afterwards. Went to see Vegas. Saw stuff in Vegas. This included KA by cirque de soleil. The site doesn't do it justice. It is epic beyond words.

Whereas most US cities I've been to have streets with those newspapers in glass/metal case thingies. Vegas has those filled with porn. Lots of shops everywhere. Saw a crazy drink being sold in a huge bottle in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. Saw a bunch of masquerade ball shops. Piqued my interest with their really interesting designs (any of you artistic folks done masquerade ball type drawings before?). Bus trip was hell in general. If it wasn't little noisy brats who talk in their "yelling voice", it's the AC breaking or people being silly bitches. Still, trip was epic.

Found out that my great-aunt's apartment complex has both a pool and a gym. Will be making more use of that for the little time I have left here.

I am thinking of spending time in Seattle, courtesy of a cheap hostel on Pike Street (I assume it's near Pike Place Market? Or is this how Long Island isn't very long?). Hey Seattlites, let's hang.
14th-Jul-2010 11:54 pmThis is a title
Visited Little Tokyo in LA today. Lots of "Japanese trinket" stores filled with swords, fans, kimono, yukata and stuff. Also a lot of zippo lighters oddly enough.

Found a kinokuniya bookstore. It's aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome. Used it to fulfil friend present stuffs. plink_chan, I know you said you didn't want/need anything but I caved in and got you something. A certain Queen's Blade book featuring everyone's favourite shrine maiden and the MIA female ninja. I WAS going to get you the Alleyne game book... well, not really sure why I chose this over that. I guess you can get Alleyne in print in a lot more ways whereas that book is the only way Shizuka exists :| There were other print materials, comics and stuff too for QG. Lots of other artbooks and stuff in general too. I thought the Lineage II art book was awesome but it's like, US$45. Found the Muv-Luv Integral Works book too but that's also around US$45 >_<

I bought myself a black bokutou and the last couple of volumes of the Sanctuary Arc of Saint Seiya. Was gonna get an issue of hobby japan but stuff gets expensive quickly.

Got a T-Mobile sim-card. Didn't have any success on my better phone which resulted in it completely draining the battery which resulted in me being stranded in little tokyo for a while. Tried some other stores, entered a part of LA which was more run-down than the prior area. Lots of mexicans and mexican run stores. I was dealing with one mexican store clerk. He was treating me like some sort of celebrity. Saying how awesome I was, how rich I must be, how awesome NZ was, how well NZ and Korea did in the world cup (relatively anyway, NZ is the only undefeated team in this world cup even though they didn't make it past the first round lol) and lots of other stuff, trying to grease me up or something. Anyway, after looking at my flashy looking mastercard, he comments how well off I mustbe (again) and then goes "So how many girlfriends do you have?". Not "How many girlfriends have you had" but "do you have" (and yes, he speaks English fluently). I'm really not sure how to respond to that.
13th-Jul-2010 11:56 pmThis is a title
Hey all, I'm now in LA! I will be back to Washington at some point though for now I think I'll try and travel around a bit.

Weather in Washington was.... crazy. I did take advantage of when the weather was nice to go out biking though. Biked from Lynden to the nearest beach called Birch Bay.... over 13 miles each way XD Biking around is fun though, I plan to do some more when I can. The Greater Vancouver Zoo is only 9 and a bit miles away so that should be a neat trip.

Spent some time in Seattle City on the 12th before flying to LA. Checked out Pike Place Market and stuff. Wanted to see other stuff but didn't really have much time.

Been snacking on things I can't get back in NZ. Orange Julius and Cinnabon is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome. So is Westside Pizza for those of you who know it. Had IHOP for brunch one time too. Delicious delicious pancakes <3

Tomorrow I check out Universal. Should be fun.

Independence Day was good. Went jetskiing at Lake Osooyoos. Pictures under the cut.BlarghCollapse )

Fun times.
30th-Jun-2010 10:59 amThis is a title
Hey-o, I'm in Washington now. Back and forth between Lynden and Oroville for the next week or so due to Independence Day and my uncle's in-laws owning a lake house at the lake there along with a couple of kayaks, a speedboat and two jetskis!

Pretty awesome but it was getting pretty busy there and I left some stuff at the house so I came back to Lynden with my uncle. Going back on Sat and hopefully I'll have my own jetski permit so I can go about on my own.

Anyway, I've been busy with my trip so completely forgot about this:
I actually saw this while I was in Japan. Saw Dengeki Hobby and Hobby Japan but ended up buying the Dengeki Hobby.

Anyway, gonna see what I can do about some food and then uploading some more pics. Need to unlock my phone too...
24th-Jun-2010 09:31 pm - Hobby Shop Found!
Not much in the way of figurines. Broke my self-imposed rule of not buying anything smaller than a 1/100 and got the 1.5 Gundam.

Got you a Deadborder (for 27,000 won, US$25 by current exchange rates) Tilly. As I thought, despite how limited the Deadborder was supposed to be (along with Gildragon and Whitz Wolf), they were rather plentiful. This one shop had 7 on the shelves.

The Gundam shop opposite Asem Hobby is the renowned Gundam Base. I thought this was quite cool. They had a huge amount of neat stock including some stuff I've never seen before as well as various limiteds.

I head for America this Saturday! Land in Seattle 12:30pm. Bree, can I have your cell phone number?
22nd-Jun-2010 02:47 am - Japantastic
Spent a crazy weekend in Japan. I didn't do any of the things I said I would in the last post, I blame the local weather. Past 9pm and still around 38 degrees celsius with insane humidity to boot.

Rambling at 2:30 in the morningCollapse )
17th-Jun-2010 01:10 pmThis is a title
I've gone from Seoul to Gyeongju in order to check out some neat cultural sites en route to Fukuoka.

I'm staying in a relatively fancy motel, much bigger and nicer than my previous one. Has a comp with net connection (no more net cafe till I leave!) and other neat facilities like a boiling water thingy, drink/food warmer and such. There's even a DVD player for the TV here (which is huge).

Will edit more info into this post later I'm hungry and the local ruins are calling to me. Should have new pictures up later too. For the record, those of you without FB accounts, could you see the photos from last time alright?
15th-Jun-2010 12:19 amThis is a title
So I've found a new hobby which is a bit cruel but incredibly hillarious. In the shopping district I'm staying in right now, the sales people are really aggressive shouting at you to come into your store, trying to keep the flow of conversation going, complimenting you (for me I keep getting told how awesome my build is what with how tall I am, my "broad shoulders", defined musculature and such) and saying they have thingst that would suit you well and so forth. At first I pretended to avoid them by having my AKGs on with loud music blaring out but it was still annoying.

So today I thought of a hillarious thing to do. Whenever someone approached me I'd pretend that I didn't realise they were talking to me and then when I thought I couldn't ignore them any longer, turn to face them confused and then say a moment later "Sorry, I don't speak Korean" in clear English. To their credit, they're determined enough to try and make a sale anyway but this just makes this even more amusing than it would be if they just gave up.

Most of them can't speak English worth a dam (a small antiquated Indian coin worth very little, look it up!) so they tend to get rather frustrated. They tend to say single words at a time, interspersed with Korean which comes out instinctively as they stop short realising I'm not understanding them.

Whilst amusing, I had another idea! I pretended to really want something that wasn't in shop (ie, sports socks in a men's fashion store) and went through the process with the sales guy. I'd be all "I'm after socks! You know, goes on your feet? Socks?" (obviously he's not going to understand me) and we'd stand around waving our arms and such. He'd be going to his coworker "Help me out here man!" and generally be stuck. Eventually he'd get the idea but I didn't want my amusement to end there. I'd then pretend to think he wasn't getting what I was trying to say and act increasingly frustrated, talking in louder, slower English and generally looking unpleased.

This got too lengthy to do over and over though so I generally stuck with the usual uninterested routine. However at one point I had what seemed to me, a brilliant idea. Some guy calls out to me, I respond by shouting "SORRY, NOOOO ENGRISHU." resulting in incredibly confused people.
13th-Jun-2010 03:52 pmThis is a title
I thought I'd made a post and was wondering why I was getting no replies, then I find that a post wasn't made after all. Poop.

Well, as you all know I'm in Seoul now. My motel is really tiny but eh, all I want it for is to sleep and shower. My motel is really close to the major shopping district but they mostly sell clothes. I'm away from the cage which was my dad's friend and now that I'm out and about on my own terms, I'm really starting to enjoy this trip. It was pouring down yesterday and I went out for a walk in a sleeveless tee, shorts and jandals much to the confusion of the locals. I got soaked and loved every minute of it.

These are the photos from the Sydney leg of my trip. I think decent photo uploads will have to wait till I can get solid consistent access to a PC. So you guys can just go through facebook for now.

Enjoy the photos! According to my cousin there was some event on which is why the operahouse had a projector on it (is it bad that when I could only really see two sections of the operahouse with leopard print projected onto it that I was reminded of a "fancy" bra?) so he said I got really lucky. The pancakes were awesome as was messing around with my cousin and his friends.

I'm sure more of you read this! Make a reply! I feel lonely~!

Random Quotes from Trip
Cousin: Sorry, I know you hate shopping like this.
Friend: Lol
Me: Because you shop like a pansy-ass girl.
Friend: Lololol
Cousin: You're the one with girly long hair.
Me: You know who else had long hair? Jesus.
Friend: Rofl
Cousin: ....I hate you.
We're all Christians and the other two are Hillsong College students XD

Me: I'm standing in the middle of the womenswear section of K-Mart holding a video camera.

Friend: We're looking for spandex.
Cousin: *points to friend* It's for him!
Me: Not WE! YOU!

Cousin: I tried ordering the Kiwi Big breakfast one time, they didn't have it.
Me: Possibly because we're in Australia?
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